A warm welcome to Mosaic Dental

Mosaic is an art form which uses small pieces of materials placed together to create a unified whole. Just like the art of Mosaic, all aspects of oral, facial, cosmetic and functional information will be considered to diagnose and treat patients to provide optimal oral health.

At Mosaic Dental you will receive a warm welcome and the highest standards of professional care. The environment is relaxed and even the anxious dental patient can feel reassured. The focus is consistently on the well-being and comfort of the patient. In keeping with this, the practice and all equipment are state-of-the-art. We operate the highest standards of cross-infection control and cater for a wide range of dental needs by highly qualified and dedicated professionals.



Kitchener-Waterloo Welcomes Mosaic Dental

Kitchener-Waterloo welcomes Dr. Brian Yoo and Mosaic dental to their new offices at Westmount Rd. E. and Ottawa St. S.

Mosaic Provides Eco-Friendly Dentistry

Mosaic Dentistry's high-tech office provides superior care with less impact on the environment.

Dr. Brian Yoo Puts his PAtients at Ease

The friendly staff and beautiful decor helps create a relaxing environment for Dr. Yoo's patients. And the Massaging Dental Chair will calm your nerves during procedures.

Less Radiation with Digital X-Rays

Mosaic's Digital X-Ray machine reduces your radiation exposure and doesn't require any harmful film processing chemicals. A choice that's good for you and for the environment.